Brass Air Cap / Stainless Nozzle

Special Deisgn for

Best Atomization Performance

450 Degree Knob

For More Precise Spray Pattern Adjustment

No O-ring Design

Easy To Clean

Including 3M PPS Adapter Type 2

200-240mm Pattern Width

1.4MM nozzle for Basecoat

1.8MM nozzle for Primer

Accurate Air Pressure Adjusting Knob

Recommended working pressure 30-43 psi

I did a bunch of research before buying this and ultimately came to the conclusion that this was the best gun in this price range. I didn't want a "cheap" gun, nor did I want a $600 Iwata - I just wanted a solid gun that I could get good results with as an amateur hobby painter, and this one definitely delivered. Easy to adjust, easy to clean, and well made.

Overall, it seems to be a great gun and I'm very happy with it. Maybe one day soon you'll see me on TV painting cars with Chip Foose and Ian Rousell.

Benjamin A. Smith

I have been painting cars and motorcycles for over 50 years and have owned multiple spray guns, some cheap, some very expensive. I HIGHLY recommend this gun....EXCELLENT quality/spray pattern for very reasonable $$. Going to buy another for my grandson who has started working with me in my shop.

Kurt M.

I bought this because I was having issues with my expensive gun, and had to finish a project. I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked. I fixed my expensive gun, and still used this gun instead! Great product.

Chip P.